To Contemplate, Live and Proclaim the Compassionate Love of God In The World!

A Story of Love

Born out of the violent crucible of the French Revolution, the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts is guided by Christian love and God's will. Since our inception on Christmas Eve in 1800, we have maintained a focus of providing loving and caring ministry to God's people in a supportive community of sisters and brothers.

We believe in the reparative power of God's love in the world, wherever it is needed and we profess and commit ourselves to share this love with others in whatever capacity we can. We are blessed with members who are dedicated to this ideal.

Belief In God


Our mission as sisters and brothers of the Sacred Hearts is to contemplate, live and proclaim the compassionate love of God in the world. This is our ´╗┐raison d'etre. And, we commit to this mission.